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8 Hour Laws and Rules | Domestic Violence | HIV/AIDs | Medical Errors | General

8 Hour Laws and Rules

“This course was highly recommended by friends and colleagues, and I will highly recommend it to others in the future….The facilitators used humor to lighten the mood and made the material fun!” 

Rebecca Edwards, RCSWI,  Sarasota Co, FL

“The course was covered in depth by instructors while being pain-free!”

Deanna Pearson, RMFTI, Sarasota Co. FL

 “Made very dry but important material interesting and presented with humor.”

Mary MacMath, RMHCI, Pinellas Co, FL

“The materials were excellent, informative and interesting.”

Gertrude Poole, RMHCI, Orange County, FL

“I enjoyed the pictures and jokes and getting feedback from others in the course. I feel this course has not only prepared me more for my career, but has helped me understand the laws and rules much better.”

Christina Black, RMHCI, Polk County, FL

“I highly recommend this CEU course. The presenters were so kind and knowledgeable. Excellent material and discussion, Ive really learned a lot and feel very grateful that they are so willing to dedicate their time.

Sarah Quigg, RMHCI, St. Johns County, FL

“Using jokes and stories to help understand the information.”

Tamara Williams, RMHCI, Duval County, FL 

“Laid back and informal fun environment to learn. Course material had great questions, this was great. Thank you.”

Susie Rokosch, LRCSWI, Duval County, FL

“The time went by fast- material very helpful. Matt simplified everything and I liked the pictures drawn by Susan.”

Gloria Emulut, RMHCI, Pinellas County, FL

“Active engagement with members in class, sense of humor, explanation of laws/ statutes.”

Sara Hunt, RMFTI, Duval County, FL

“This is a great class with entertaining and knowledgeable presenter. They know a somewhat dense info quite thoroughly. I felt confident they knew the content.”

Peter Wildeman, RCSWI, Orange County, FL

“It’s a very interesting course, complete active, so it is easy to maintain focus in the material. The presenters know the material and present it in a funny and easier way so it could be better for us.”

Maria Gabriela Guerrero, RMHCI, Broward County, FL

“Course kept/keeps participants engaged with integrative participation. Facilitators were patient and open to explaining nuances of the law and providing practical examples.”

Katrina Munads, RCSWI, Miami-Dade, FL

Practical, fast-paced, and experienced practitioners.”

Julia Corbin, RMFTI, Lee County, FL

“This was an excellent course, I was originally not looking forward to, but thoroughly enjoyed, and learned a lot!”

Alice Baker, RMHCI, FL

“Knowledgeable instructors, fun, left feeling I had good understanding of laws and rules.”

Loletha Wright, RCSWI, Hillsborough, FL

“Attended previous McMillan workshops and learned a lot. Presentation made it easy to learn.”

Char Morales, LCSW, Semipoke County, FL

“Time flew by. It was very informative and I enjoyed the inclusion piece from all the attendees.”

Tiki Williams, RMHCI, RMFTI, Orange County, FL

“Great presenters, very knowledgeable on subject matter and provide comic relief.”

Kristi O’Steen, RCSWI, Clay County, FL

“I enjoyed listening to the rationale behind the correct and incorrect answers and, of course, the jokes.”

Stephanie Anderson, RMHCI, Brevard County, FL

“It covered all the information required by the social work board.”

Fatima Silva, RCSWI, Dade County, FL

“Wonderful group of highly trained professional. Speakers were engaging, funny and wonderful!”

Natalie Decker, RMHCI, Seminole County, FL

“This course was invaluable. Speakers were informative, entertaining, and friendly- all for a great price! Highly recommend to those wanting to become more familiar with Florida Statutes.”

Paige Bond, RMFTI, Seminole County, FL

“I learned much more in this course than what I learned during my time on graduate school! Very specific and interesting information provided.”

Anonymous, RMFTI, Duval County, FL

“Scenario style, engaging, interactive.” 

Renee Hudson, RCSWI, Orange County, FL 

“The easy manner they communicated and explained information in a detailed way.”
“Friendly and well qualified staff. Really enjoyed the training”

Mindy Lemarque, RMHCI, Duval County, FL


Domestic Violence

“The personal stories, combined with decades of experience creates a learning experience that is incredibly powerful and educational. I will not forget all that I learned- very powerful.”

Erika Sickles , RMHCI, Seminole County, FL

I absolutely enjoyed this class! This class was very informative! Great educators!”

Sarah Quigg, RMHCI, St. Johns County, FL

“The Domestic Violence Course was very powerful. I will always remember Susan’s story of overcoming the odds and ultimately transforming so many lives.”

Deanna Pearson, RMFTI,  Sarasota Co, FL

“Hearing Susan’s personal experience was empowering and helped me understand what a client may go through and what she may be afraid to talk about. I will highly recommend this course to friends and colleagues.” 

Rebecca Edwards, RCSWI,  Sarasota Co, FL

“Your bravery is inspirational, thank you very much. You are truly assets to our profession. Thank you!”

Mark Sieg, RCSWI, Pinellas County, FL

“The personal story. Thank you for sharing. It was heartfelt and I appreciated the honesty.”

Kristin Holysz, RCSWI, Polk County, FL

“I know the ability and quality of their program.”

Larry Auerbach, RCSWI, St. Lucie County, FL

“This was an excellent course; I wanted to learn more. The instructors gave good, solid knowledge, fast statistics with relevant stories.”

Alice Balar, RMHCI, FL

“Thank you for all you have done to make a difference in the lives of women victims in domestic violence. I am proud to have met you and see you able to talk about your own experience about domestic violence. It inspires!”

Yanette Novoa, FL

“Both presenters were excellent,  passionate about the material, very interesting and informative. Thank you!”

Alison Pestcoe, RMHCI, Broward County, FL

“Amazing class.”  “Amazing, brave, courageous presenter!”

Natalie Decker, RMHCI, Seminole County, FL

“Very effective and thought provoking.” 

Kristi O’Steen, RCSWI, Clay County, FL

“Excellent information provided as an introduction to domestic violence. Really enjoyed the historical data provided and the personal passion displayed. Thank you for sharing!” 

Trish Giaccone, RMHCI, Flagler County, FL

“Personal stories were incredibly powerful, instructive, illuminating and outstanding educational opportunities. I cannot thank you enough for for sharing your stories. I learned and was impacted in ways I will not forget.” 

Erika Sickles , RMHCI, Seminole County, FL


“13 hours of continuing education actually flew by; not sure how you all pulled it off but kudos to you!! Thank you!!”

Jennifer Altex, RMHCI, Palm Beach County, FL

“Humor- lighthearted, but still professional.”

Corina Escusde, HAS, Pinellas County, FL

“Thanks for making the subject interesting and the time fly.”

Kristen Johnson, RMHCI, Sarasota County, FL

“Made a tedious and uncomfortable topic fun!”

Dawnlee Basce Wood, RMHCI, Pinellas County, FL

Thank you so much for an fantastic day- I learned so much and even feel more confident in decision making related to these subjects.

Carly Lupo, RCSWI, Palm Beach County, FL

“Informative and educational; learned a lot I didn’t know about HIV/AIDS and presenter was animated and fun.”

Oliva Lima, RMHCI, Dade County, FL

“They made not so comfortable topics fun and easy going. Humor helps to loosen up.”

Alexandra Ruberti, RCSWI, Pinellas County, FL

“Your delivery of vast knowledge is infectious. Loved the energetic and interactive approach and personal sharing. Deliver information in such an authentic, passionate and engaging manner.”

Beanna Pearson, RMFTI, Sarasota County, FL


Medical Errors

“Great presenters, even on the 12th hour.”

Janet Oliver, RMHCI, Brevard County, FL

“Well informed, entertaining, interesting and engaging.”

Larry Auerbach, RCSWI, St. Lucie County, FL

“Open communication with realistic and practical examples.” “Presenters friendly, outgoing, offered to make it fun.”

Mindy Lemarque, RMHCI, Duval County, FL

“Humor: As mental health pros, we take ourselves way too seriously; lightening up is therapeutic!!!”

Renee Bronson, LMHC, FL

“You give the best seminar of the 20 years I’ve been in therapy.”

Peggy Thompson, LCSW, Glee County, FL