Not-Too-Boring 8 Hour Laws & Rules

As low as $119 with Early Bird and promo codes - 8 CEUs


Normally $179  Now as low as $119! (With Early Bird Special and Promo codes)

Yes you have to take a Mandatory 8 Hour Laws and Rules Course.  But you don’t have to dread the cost!

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Yes, you have to take a Mandatory 8 Hour Laws and Rules Course. But you don’t have to dread it! We’ve combined our expertise, our diverse backgrounds, and our 28-year proven track record with our sense of humor to create the ULTIMATE Board-Approved COURSE for future therapists and social workers like you! Let us:

  • Help you translate legalese into English
  • Teach you how to protect your future practice from lawsuits and grievances
  • Make you, like it or not, into a near expert in Florida law as it pertains to psychotherapy

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Live Interactive Zoom- Saturday 11/6/21

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